download and make your own three DDD glasses
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Saturday, 2 June 2007
1pm to 5am

C'LICK ME is an event to investigate internet pornography in a non-conventional way. We are looking forward to a queer event without any rigid queer correctness (as queer doesn’t always mean good porn!). We want to re-think the society of the netporn spectacle: the digital zeitgeist that has given us a hypersexual body. What to do with our bodies and digital machines? Pornography has found its way into every nook and cranny of the Internet, but how can we still be queer radicals or body artists, private hedonists or fervent bloggers in this climate? Do we still need to have a sanctified space like an underground or a dungeon, when we produce de-sire with our floating networked bodies? Porn went porn-chic years ago. Today net-porn goes into Myspace bedrooms and everyday "realcore".

The C'LICK ME day program will feature an international selection of speakers from various disciplines presenting their views and thoughts in a performative setting. Guests, among
others, are American film producer, sex blogger and writer Audacia Ray, multi-media artist and musician Terre Thaemlitz, post-porn theorist and per-former Tim Stuttgen, 21 century activist Francesco Palmieri ‘Warbear’, and genetic pornography demagogue, Adam Zaretsky. Visitors and participants will meet during the dinner, especially designed for C'LICK ME. The evening program features video and film screenings, which includes the European premiere of Audacia Ray’s film The Bi Apple, and a soiree of irreverent porn acts. As the evening turns into night, C'LICK ME invites you to an unforgettable party with dj Sprinkles a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz, Khan of Finland, Le Clic, dj Sandrien, dj Abraxas and vj Zanne. Get sweaty on the dance floor, lose yourself in the underground atmosphere of Phag Off vs. Cruise Control and live from Berlin: Team Plastique. If this is too much you can relax and listen to the whispered dirty stories in the ‘For Your Ears Only’ project by SXNDRX.

Your stimulators,
Katrien Jacobs, Matteo Pasquinelli and Marije Janssen